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from: 249.00 lei

Strada Stadionului 16, ALPHAVILLE ARENA, Bl.C2, Ap.117, Etj.11, Brasov, Brasov

2.73 Km from center - Brasov
2.26 km fata de Central zone
8.29 km fata de Poiana Brasov
1.75 km fata de The fortress of Brasov
2.05 km fata de Train & Bus stations
Contact info
Strada Stadionului 16, ALPHAVILLE ARENA, Bl.C2, Ap.117, Etj.11, Brasov, Brasov
07XX XXX XXX - Show phone
Reception: 06:00 - 22:00
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Room facilities
Television TV
Bathroom for your own room Private bathroom
Hair dryer in room Hair dryer
Minibar in room Minibar
Room safe available Room safe
Rooms with balcony and/or terrace  Balcony - Terrace
Rooms with balcony Balcony
Property facilities
Wi-Fi included in the price Free Wi-Fi
Iron available in room Iron
Coffe machine available in room Coffee machine
Parking inside the accommodation unit Indoor parking
Covered parking inside the accommodation unit Covered parking
Office desk in room Office desk
Check-in and check-out services Check-in & Check-out
Dressing in room Dressing
No pets allowed in this accommodation unit No pets allowed
Elevator in the accommodation unit Elevator
VIP Rooms available VIP Rooms
24-hour reception services are NOT available for this unit NO 24/7 Reception
Rooms & Prices
Acommodation capacity Room type Price No. of days No. of rooms
249 lei 1

As hosts, we present the HOUSE RULES, wich we respectfully ask You to keep in mind during your stay. By accepting to stay at ALPHAVILLE ARENA SKY VIEW, You implicitly agree to the following rules:

-- From the moment the reservation is confirmed, you will have 1 day to make the full payment by bank transfer. If you do not pay, the reservation will be cancelled

-- Accommodation at the location is done by presenting an IDENTY DOCUMENT for each person who will be checking in, to complete the check-in form before arrival

-- We can accommodate a maximum of 2 adults (the location does not have space and facilities for children).

No other people will be accepted in the apartment other than the maximum 2 accommodated (you will not be checked in and your reservation will be changed to no-shows with the related penalties)

-- The location is for non-smokers (You may smoke a cigarette on the balcony where You will find an ashtray - please do not throw cigarettes or other rubbish from the balcony)

-- Pets are not accepted, no matter how small, cute and harmless

-- The availability is from [CHECKIN_DATE] at [CHECKIN_OPEN_TIME] (if possible, we will let You know if we are able to offer the room earlier), so we wish you a safe trip, with priority to Brasov, Str. Stadionului 16, near the FC Brasov (Tineretului) stadium, ALPHAVILLE ARENA, Bl. C2 (the one in the middle), Floor. 11 - we will also send You shared location for Waze

-- On arrival, You will have to go around the blocks in the back, to get to the covered parking on the ground floor under the block C2 (the one in the middle), where private place no. 6 is waiting for You - the entrance is a bit low, I think under 2.5 m (I hope there will be no problems with the clearance of Your vehicle)

-- When entering the block from the front or from the back through the parking lot, You will have an access code at the doors (the same code). Please close all the doors, each time You pass through them. After entering the building, we will generate from the application and send You a code for entering the apartment that will be valid until [CHECKOUT_DATE] [CHECKOUT_CLOSE_TIME]

-- From the moment of accommodation, the tourist is responsible for the reserved room as well as for any damages caused to the property

-- Please keep the TV at an acceptable volume and take into account the quiet hours between 13-14 and 22-08

-- Please use the water, electricity, gas resources as well as the bed linen and towels provided in a responsible manner

-- Please take care of the furniture, appliances and tableware provided to You

-- When leaving the property, please turn off the lights, check that the electrical appliances are off, close the windows and the entrance door (You will have to press the two RED and GREEN keys and wait 3 seconds for it to close). Check the closing of the door and in case of error repeat the RED and GREEN sequence

-- If You do not make an additional reservation in advance, the check-out will be done by 10 a.m. at the latest

-- If You would like to admire the sunrise, from your bed or balcony, you need to wake up a little early in the morning, and in order to be able to admire the sunset, you need to go to the elevators hall

-- We hope You enjoy the coffee, tea and drinks from the free minibar and please focus on relaxing, walking and making wonderful memories on Your holiday

-- If You had a nice stay, pleas give us a good review and tip. Thank You and we look forward to seeing You again soon!