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Apartment for rent Apartament Ana Poiana Brasov

from: 400.00 lei

Str. Poiana lui Stechil 9, Poiana Brasov, Brasov

8.56 Km from center - Brasov
10.33 km fata de Central zone
3.41 km fata de Poiana Brasov
9.58 km fata de The fortress of Brasov
11.25 km fata de Train & Bus stations
Contact info
Str. Poiana lui Stechil 9, Poiana Brasov, Brasov
07XX XXX XXX - Show phone
Reception: 08:00 - 23:00
Room facilities
Television TV
AC unit available in rooms Air conditioning
Bathroom for your own room Private bathroom
Hair dryer in room Hair dryer
Property facilities
Wi-Fi included in the price Free Wi-Fi
Iron available in room Iron
Coffe machine available in room Coffee machine
Parking outside the accommodation unit Outdoor parking
Ski slope on the resort Ski slope
Check-in and check-out services Check-in & Check-out
Summer garden/outdoor relaxing area Summer garden
No pets allowed in this accommodation unit No pets allowed
Separate living space Living
Organized tours for guests Organized tours
Rent-a-car services available at the accommodation unit Rent a car
We accept card payments Payment Card
Rooms & Prices
Acommodation capacity Room type Price No. of days No. of rooms
Room Double
400 lei 1