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Apartment for rent Casa Flori Predeal

from: 200.00 lei

Sos Națională, nr 54 , Predeal, Predeal, Brasov

18.10 Km from center - Brasov
19.71 km fata de Central zone
12.88 km fata de Poiana Brasov
19.12 km fata de The fortress of Brasov
20.64 km fata de Train & Bus stations
Contact info
Sos Națională, nr 54 , Predeal, Predeal, Brasov
07XX XXX XXX - Show phone
Reception: 08:00 - 23:00
Room facilities
Television TV
Bathroom for your own room Private bathroom
Rooms with balcony and/or terrace  Balcony - Terrace
Extra beds available for guests Extra bed
Property facilities
Wi-Fi included in the price Free Wi-Fi
Coffe machine available in room Coffee machine
Parking outside the accommodation unit Outdoor parking
Shared kitchen facilities in the accommodation unit Shared kitchen
Coffee place inside the accommodation unit Coffee place
Catering services available Catering
Organizing birthday parties and others Birthday parties
Ski slope on the resort Ski slope
Equipment availability and seasonal activities held Seasonal activities
Surveillance cameras inside and outside the accommodation unit CCTV
Check-in and check-out services Check-in & Check-out
Summer garden/outdoor relaxing area Summer garden
Separate living space Living
Space specially designed for children Playground
Organized events for guests Event planner
Daily housekeeping services for guests Daily housekeeping
Reception available at all times Non-stop reception
Conference and meeting room(s) available Conference room
Designated space for organizing various events Event hall
Space for safe storage of luggage Luggage storage
Sports field available for guests Sports ground
Indoor and / or outdoor relaxation area Relaxation area
Rooms & Prices
Acommodation capacity Room type Price No. of days No. of rooms
Room Double
200 lei 1