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Villa Dionysos Brasov

from: 170.00 lei

Fagarasului, Ghimbav, Brasov

7.02 Km from center - Brasov
8.15 km fata de Central zone
8.90 km fata de Poiana Brasov
6.79 km fata de The fortress of Brasov
8.20 km fata de Train & Bus stations
Contact info
Reception: 15:00 - 21:00
Room facilities
Television TV
Bathroom for your own room Private bathroom
Rooms with balcony and/or terrace  Balcony - Terrace
Property facilities
Wi-Fi included in the price Free Wi-Fi
Parking outside the accommodation unit Outdoor parking
Equipment availability and seasonal activities held Seasonal activities
Surveillance cameras inside and outside the accommodation unit CCTV
Check-in and check-out services Check-in & Check-out
Summer garden/outdoor relaxing area Summer garden
Organized tours for guests Organized tours
Pets are allowed in the accommodation unit Pets allowed
In-house fitness room for guests Gym
Picnic/dining area provided for guests Picnic area
Indoor and / or outdoor relaxation area Relaxation area
Rooms & Prices
Acommodation capacity Room type Price No. of days No. of rooms
Double Matrimonial
170 lei 1
Paid facilities
Extra bed Extra bed - 70 lei