Taxi Brasov

You can find the list of the most important taxi companies in Brasov here:

Tod Taxi - telefon: (+4) 0268 321 111

Taxi Brasov - telefon: (+4) 0745 451 283

Martax - telefon: (+4) 0268 313 040

Bratax - telefon: (+4) 0268 948

Taxi 4T4U - telefon: (+4) 0722 405 646

In Brasov, ridesharing services are also an alternative worth trying.

With Free Now you have access to drivers from all the companies in the city, which means you get a car in the shortest time.

Uber uses partner cars with private cars that you can contact from within the app. Rates can fluctuate both at night and during the day if demand exceeds the supply of available cars.

For those who want to leave the city, BlaBlaCar offers a ridesharing service where you can share your car trip between cities. The costs vary depending on the number of people. One disadvantage is that you may not be able to find someone to share your trip with, and you depend on the driver's schedule.

Once you have chosen your preferred means of transport you can now get much easier to the main tourist attractions in the city of Brasov.